P. Glăveanu Associate Professor and Head of the Department Psychology Webster University Geneva Switzerland

Thank you very much for sending the index. I looked over it and it looks great!

Peter J. Wacks, CEO and Founder, EGZ Publishing


I am the CEO of a small, medical non-fiction publishing house based in the US that struggled to find someone who could bring the level of attention and detail our complex content required for indexing. Sanjiv Kumar Sinha not only delivered exactly what we knew we needed, he provided insight and improvements beyond what we would ever have expected. I was initially concerned that the time difference would impact communication and project completion,  but my team reported over and over again that Sanjiv was immediately responsive to every concern and extremely attentive to our needs. I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you require an indexer who can bring a high-level of professionalism and intelligence to your projects.

BIS Indexing Rate

Rates vary based on text density, text complexity, index density, and timeframe. Indexers like to book in advance and rush requests result in increased expenses.For more information on common rates, see the EFA’s list of Common Editorial Rates.

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