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Book Indexing Services (BIS) provides indexes in many subject areas, which include STEM (physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering, and management) and humanities and social sciences (history, art, anthropology, consumer affairs, economics, education, religion and social sciences). BIS has more than 15 years of experience in back-of-the book indexing and has indexed more than 500 books.


BIS is committed to providing quality indexes on time and according to specifications. Each project is unique, however, and we are comfortable finding indexing solutions that work best for you and your text. Every project is approached with the goal of crafting an accessible, accurate, and comprehensive index that adds substantial value to the work. Our rates are reasonable, and we are happy to provide estimates. Rush jobs are considered

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Academic Monographs
Scientific, Technical, and Mathematical (STM)
Biblical studies


MS Word
LaTex (BaKoMa and Overleaf)


Sanjiv possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, and is an experienced indexer with eighteen years of expertise in back-of-the-book indexing and database indexing. He has successfully accomplished all four modules of the American Society for Indexing’s training course, further demonstrating his proficiency.

Ritu holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and has successfully completed the American Society for Indexing’s training course. Over the course of her fourteen-year indexing career, she has indexed numerous books on a diverse range of subjects, encompassing humanities, management, soft sciences, and hard-core STM topics.

BIS Indexing Rate

Rates vary based on text density, text complexity, index density, and timeframe. Indexers like to book in advance and rush requests result in increased expenses.For more information on common rates, see the EFA’s list of Common Editorial Rates.

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