BIS treats every book differently and gives special attention based on the audience of your content. Our approach to writing an index is scientific and we spend a lot of time in preliminary checking, familiarizing ourselves with your text, and editing the final index.

Preliminary Check → Skimming and Familiarization → Style Adjustments in Cindex → Term Selection → Editing the Index → Quality Assurance → Dispatch

Preliminary Check

• Check that every page is present
• Check the style specifications and any special requirements
• Read the table of contents and some sample sections of the work. At this, if we feel that we are not competent enough to index the work, we might return it to the client


Skimming and Familiarization

• Scan the preface, table of contents, chapter titles, headings, and sub headings
• Check similar published books and their indexes on the web


Style Adjustments in Cindex

• Adjust the style and settings in Cindex


Term Selection 

• Our term selection procedure begins with comprehension of the text. Once the material is understood, the information is broken down into specific components by answering the questions who, what, where, when, why and under what circumstances’. Term selection is based upon the answers to the information questions

Editing the Index

• We edit the index to ensure consistency of headings, to organize subheadings and to add and check cross-references. Editing takes thirty percent of total indexing time


Quality Assurance

• We give the index a final check based on our checklist, which consists of items such as misspellings, missing page numbers, page ranges, inconsistent terminologies, subheads, double postings, bad cross references


• We Import the index to a Word file and after some final checks and adding a head note to index, we dispatch it to the client

BIS Indexing Rate

Rates vary based on text density, text complexity, index density, and timeframe. Indexers like to book in advance and rush requests result in increased expenses.For more information on common rates, see the EFA’s list of Common Editorial Rates.

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